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Meet Malachi {Newborn Session}

Back in May, I ran a promotion which included a Fresh48 session with a newborn session booking. But this boy’s mama was more interested in a birth session. I LOVE birth photography. I’ve had the honor of photographing 3 different babies as they entered this world and each one was so special! I wish I could offer this routinely, but with little ones of my own, the “on call” factor makes birth photography quite challenging.  That said, I reeeaaally wanted to do it! After carefully working out the details, the potential issues with my availability, etc., we had a plan in place (or so we thought). Mr. Malachi came into this world fast and furious! I received a text from his Mama that she thought she was in labor and then a text that he was here! 🙂  My second son was quite similar, so I wholeheartedly understood and related to a crazy whirlwind delivery. Given all the details, we decided to skip the Fresh48 and instead include a sitter session later on.

One of my favorite aspects of Malachi’s newborn session was the inclusion of cows which are his mama’s favorite animal.  Forgive me, Moira, but this is just too funny not to share! 🙂  In one of his Mama’s emails to me prior to the session, she asked- “Quick question: do you have any access to real cows?  If I found you a live cow, could you take a picture?” LOL!  I can honestly say that was a first for me! haha!  That said, I really am more than willing to try new things! While we discussed some different options, I knew I wanted to do something special to include what was obviously very important to her. And while we didn’t end up using any live cows, I did stumble upon a cute little cow lovey and knew it would be the perfect addition!  Malachi was so good to me during his newborn session- I truly cannot wait to photograph him again!

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