The Session

What is the best time frame for newborn portraits?

Newborn portraits are best taken within the first 2 weeks of life...ideally by 10 days of age. Photographing them during this time period enables me to capture those sleepy poses we all know and love. After two weeks, newborns tend to become a little more aware of their surroundings and are less likely to sleep through all of the various poses. For this reason, I encourage my clients to contact me ASAP when they deliver so that we can get the session date scheduled.

Where does the session take place?

All newborn sessions take place at my in-home studio in Downingtown, Pennsylvania and last approximately 3 hours.

What can I expect?

Prior to your session date, I will send you a questionnaire which will help me as I plan out the different sets for your newborn's portraits. The questionnaire will include questions about your style, home decor, and any preferences in regard to color schemes I might use for their session. If there are any poses you absolutely love or even ones you perhaps don't like much at all- I want to know those things so that I can tailor the various setups to your liking. My goal is to create beautiful portraits of your newborn that you can proudly display in your home without them clashing with the rest of your decor. 

In addition to the questionnaire, I will also send you my Prep Guide. The guide includes a list of helpful tips to best prepare not only you, but your little one as well, for their big modeling debut. 

When you arrive for the session, we will take any family portraits first, and then you'll have the opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy some refreshments while I get to work on photographing your newest family member. If at any point they seem to need a break to cuddle or eat, we will absolutely do that for them. They run the show!

What happens after the session?

Approximately 1 week after your newborn's session, I will invite you back to the studio for the reveal and ordering appointment. Aside from any "sneak peeks" I may have shared, this is really the first opportunity you'll have to view your baby's images.

We'll watch a slideshow of their portraits, go over my product samples again, and then have some time to discuss what products you are most drawn to and which of your favorite images would best suit those products and vice versa. Once final decisions have been made, I'll process payment and have you on your way. When your order arrives, I will reach out to you so that we can arrange a time for pickup/delivery. 

Ready to book?

If you like what you're hearing and think you'd like to book your newborn's portrait session, don't wait! I encourage expectant moms to contact me in their second trimester to book their session. I take on a limited number of clients per month and am often booked a couple of months in advance. I book my clients based on their expected delivery date. As a NICU nurse, I am well aware that babies come whenever they want, whether that be earlier or later than expected. This is not a problem. I am happy to work around any unexpected changes- just keep me posted! Once I have your due date on my calendar you simply need to contact me ASAP when your baby is born. We will then narrow down the best day for the session within that two week timeframe. But the first step is to fill out the contact form. A signed contract and the full session fee will be required to reserve your session. 

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