best photo printer 2021

Hp Photosmart printer

As the world becomes more visual, the work of photographers, designers, and content creators needs to further improve their image processing skills. A photo printer is one of the most powerful and popular tools for these tasks. So, this article will consider the best photo printer 2021.

How to choose a photo printer?

Photo printers are devices that can output high-quality images onto special media — glossy or matte photo paper — for producing photographs.

Most modern models of color printers are not limited only to this functionality, because they are made so that the printing of images becomes completely independent of the presence of a computer nearby. They are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, a card reader, the possibility of cloud printing, and also, which is important, a display and control buttons on the case, which allow you to fully edit a photo before printing – crop it, remove red eyes, make it more saturated or brighten.

What should you pay attention to?

Here you need to think about the format of the printing device. If there is a chance that you will print a photo in a wide format, then you should think about an A3 or A3 + printer. Further on the list of the required functionality is the ability to switch to working with different media or the presence of specialized trays for printing on discs or small photo paper.

Of course, such a device is purchased exclusively for printing photographs. The apparatus must use at least 6 colors. The most popular palette type today is CcMmYK, an extended color gamut with additional light shades. Its use will smooth out color transitions, better convey body and heavenly shades.

The fact is that there are just devices with a photo printing function, and there are professional ones, which are designed not only to take pictures for a family photo album at home but to cope with more serious tasks, for example, large-format printing of posters, posters, design projects, etc. In general, it is appropriate to purchase such office equipment for:

  • photo studios;
  • printing centers;
  • printing houses;
  • advertising agencies;
  • design bureaus.

Hp Photosmart printer

HP is actively promoting a line of all-in-one printers with TouchSmart touch displays. In addition, they are installed in wireless Wi-Fi networks, and older models even print photos via Bluetooth. One of such alternatives is the HP Photosmart printer.

The HP Photosmart Series is designed for busy home and small office users looking for an all-in-one that delivers high-speed photo printing, fax, scan, and copy capabilities for shared wireless networking.

It should be mentioned that this kind of printer has wireless printing technology. This is a modern technology called ePrint. The essence of this technology is that each model produced by the HP All-In-One has its own personal serial number. When registering on the Internet, an account is created for each device on a special server, and a special e-mail address containing an alphanumeric code is sent to the user’s e-mail. It will be enough to send a photo or document in any format to the received address, and it will be printed out at once on HP Photosmart.

The printer allows you to print photos directly from Memory Stick, Secure Digital / MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital High Capacity Card, etc.


  • Easy customization
  • TouchSmart
  • Quality printing
  • Work in a Wi-Fi network
  • Memory card support