best image editing software


Photoshop has become an indispensable tool in many modern professions. Over the years, the program has evolved and become available not only to professional designers and developers. So, in this article we will review the best image editing software on the market.

Photoshop: as a graphic editor has become a commonly-used tool

Photoshop is an important tool for designers, web developers, photographers, content creators, and many other professionals. It is widely used for image editing, retouching, creating compositions of images, layouts and more.

Over the years, Photoshop has evolved from a niche program for professionals to an affordable editor, the functions of which are used in many modern professions. The very name of the program became a designation of any modified images.

With the help of the editor you can do a lot of manipulation with photos, design layouts, interface, websites, create collages, and more. Using the same skills and tools of the program, you can design different types of products or create new digital content.

Photoshop features and tools

  • Editing photos. Photoshop is most often used as a tool for manipulating photos. The editor allows you to change the color saturation, proportions, perspective, adjust the light and more. This allows you to improve the look of the original photos or create something completely new.
  • Layers are structural elements in working with images. They allow you to gradually edit photos, working separately with different elements. This ensures non-destructive image editing.
  • Masking allows you to temporarily hide part of the layer instead of erasing it completely. Layer masking is used if you want to create a composite image, cut out objects for use in other documents, or restrict editing of a specific part of a layer.
  • Work with raw format. This is an image format that contains the most raw data. In this way, you can work well with white balances and color correction. RAW is similar to the negatives in film photography, and working with raw, “raw” images is called similar to the process of developing a film.
  • Retouch tools allow you to perform high-quality image retouching. They restore damaged images, apply repetitive patterns, or appropriately replace colors in an image.
  • Collages and work with composition. Collages are now used for a variety of purposes: from creating billboards to mud boards.

The best image editing software options

Pixlr is a very powerful and fast photo editor, barely inferior to desktop Photoshop. The user has many tools, working with layers, brushes for cloning textures, and post-processing filters.

Photopea is another online alternative, equipped with a number of additional features and built on the HTML5 platform, so it runs smoothly in any modern browser without requiring the installation of additional plug-ins.

Adobe Photoshop is the best editor for meticulous digital photography. The most versatile product that allows you to solve problems of any complexity.

Lightroom is the best editor for processing a large number of images. A reference solution that includes profiles for accurate transfer of images from all modern cameras and fast processing.

PhotoScape is another simple program for working with photos on a computer with support for RAW images, this allows you to directly export footage from digital cameras.