the best free stock photos 2021

Pic stock

Photo stocks often come to the aid of users in situations where photos are needed and there is no time or technique to take them. There are special sites that specialize in the sale and movement of photos and graphic content online.  This article will consider the best free stock photos 2021.

The purpose of using photo stocks

Photo stocks are special profile platforms with graphic author’s content. Photographs and other graphic material are posted by the authors for both author’s and free use. In other words, photo stocks are a kind of intermediary between a person and graphic content on a global scale.

Traditionally, these sites have a huge number of works from both novice authors and professional photographers. Thanks to the convenient navigation of most services, each user will be able to pick up interesting materials for themselves in 15-20 minutes. Paid resources have both cheap options for work from novice photographers, and more expensive options from professionals.

Statistics on the use of photo stocks and their popularity is steadily growing among network users. And there are several main reasons for this:

  • significant savings in time and money on equipment. There is no need to buy expensive cameras and conduct castings, spend time filming. Everything is at hand in more or less free access;
  • photo stocks help to reduce project budgets due to the lack of need for financial investments in large quantities;
  • works are usually divided into headings, which facilitates the process of thematic search. After payment, you can download the image in a couple of clicks on paid resources. On free sites, the action is even faster.

Photo stocks alternatives in 2021

To understand the nuances of using popular sites and not to step on the rake, you should consider in detail the use of each of them. There are the most popular options:

  • Pixabay has over a million images, making this free stock photo stock one of the best. Materials from the site can be safely used in your layouts, as well as edited as needed
  • Little Visuals has a handy newsletter that will send you 7 high-quality archived images each week. If you do not want to subscribe, you can download the archive directly from the site.
  • Free Images is quite a popular project with over 300 thousand images available for free download. Unlike other free photo stocks for designers, you will have to register on this site to get access to download images.
  • Superfamous is A design studio from Los Angeles has decided to share a collection of images that it uses for its own needs. You are also free to use these photos on one condition – attribution.
  • Images from the site can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Editing of the image or its use for retouching or college is allowed. Feature – ready-made custom collections, which are very helpful if you need to make a mood board or pick up references.
  • Pattern Library collects the most interesting patterns from around the Internet. They can be used in different ways – both for illustrations of materials and actually for the background of the site. In any case, it is worth noting, even if you do not need patterns – just admire.